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Brilliant comment of the day :D

Today while I was going through some very old server code, the following comment was found:

    (skipping 200+ lines of code here)
Catch ex As Exception
    '' DB server probably dropped her shit again.
    '' TODO: now since you've reached this far, might as well log the error and send an email to dbadmin@m*****
End Try

As if this is not enough to entertain your day, look here and don’t get busted by your boss :D.


Making your Office Live folder as a network location

Microsoft has released the Office Live service using their cloud based SkyDrive for a while. You can create and edit Office documents right inside the web page as well as storing and opening them using Office 2007 or 2010 installed in your Windows.

While the free service is great and powerful, it’s not so convenience that every time you need to open a browser to access any file you need. And doing file manipulation like batch copy or batch delete is not that easy through the web page.

However, there’s a way that you can add your Office Live storage as a network location or map it as a network drive in Windows. This lets you seamlessly manage files just like on a local drive.

After opening an Office document from Office Live, if you try “Save As…” the document, you will be prompted a dialog box asking you where you want to save the document to. Look closely to the path of the current location of the dialog box, it’s a secured URL (https). This is the absolute URL that allows you to access any sub-folder in your Office Live storage. In the screen shot below, the sub-folder is “Document”.

Office Live absolute path exposed

You then can use this URL to map a network drive or add a network location. It will prompt you for your Live ID so it’s still secure and save. Note, you can not access the root folder of the storage. What you get will just be an empty folder, no contents are displayed.