WP7: How easy to get your information synced!

Windows Phone 7 and iPhoneThis has nothing to do with development or anything like that. Just to note down that I’m surprised by WP7 today by how easy it is to get my contacts synced.

I was thinking about how I am going to transfer all of my contacts from my iPhone 4 to Omnia7. I never get this done since I got the Omnia7 because it sounds like a headache. The only way I could think of, is to sync my iPhone contacts to somewhere and sync them onto Omnia7, and I firstly thought about Outlook on my office computer. But there are tons of company contacts that I don’t want to get mixed up with my personal contacts. Creating another outlook data account sounds overkilling just for transferring my contacts. So I gave up the Outlook idea and synced my contacts to Google Contacts (thank god that at least iTunes supports this one and only cloud service). Just about when I wondered how I’m gonna get my Google Contacts to Omnia7, I realised that they are already in my Omnia7! Turned out that I added my Google account to the phone when I set it up, and the phone syncs everything automatically including contacts.

This is really a big plus to WP7. It really shows off how much better WP7 is integrated with multiple cloud services than iOS, and making a lot of headache tasks effortless now.

Well I don’t wanna repeat after all the other tech blogs about how much deeper that social networking is integrated in WP7, I am just surprised that, been the most successful mobile OS ever, Apple is doing much less in this aspect for iOS.


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