Using JSON in .NET

JSON as what its name implies, is a way of organizing data based on JavaScript. It’s been heavily used for transferring data between web services and web pages at client machine through AJAX. It’s advantage over using XML to do the same thing is the smaller size of the data (coz JSON doesn’t need the stupid closing tag like in XML). While smaller data size seemed not so important when most PCs have broadband connection nowadays, it’s much more preferable for application running on mobile device.

As you may already knew, that Windows Phone 7 only support Silverlight as it’s development platform, and the use of .NET is inevitable. The Silverlight .NET framework comes with extensive XML capabilities but nothing for JSON. But fear not my brave knights, simply searching JSON on will give you one of the best JSON library for .NET: Json.NET.

Call me a lazy blogger but if you are really a .NET dev, you don’t need me to elaborate more to get your hands on it 🙂


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